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19. - 21.12 Spirit of Breath with Gardens of Babylon

Three Day Online Retreat to Process, Heal & Transform yourself...
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19. - 21.12 Spirit of Breath with Gardens of Babylon

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19. Dez. 2020, 09:00 MEZ – 21. Dez. 2020, 21:30 MEZ

Über die Veranstaltung

Hello lovely breathers, 

I'm very happy to be part of this amazing journey. 

I'm offering my Breathwork Session on Saturday 19.12 at 2.30pm - 4pm Berlin time. 

If you have any questions please reach out to me. 

Let's have some fun togehter :)

Three Day Online Retreat to Process, Heal & Transform yourself..

Dear family,  

There's not a soul that could have prepared us for 2020.. We wanted to enter a new decade with an open heart and a strong vision. But the Universe had lessons in store for us. We have been shaken, stirred, locked down, depressed, healing, active, restless, grounded, loved, left alone and so much more. All for this one thing, to come closer to our Self, to understand the Self and to heal the Self where necessary. Time to process what we have learned, heal from the hard lessons we had to endure and transform into the next level of our being.  

The Temple of Babylon presents: A Three Day Online Retreat to Process, Heal & Transform yourself..  

Day 1 - Saturday December 19 

Process - Together with the family this day of the program allows you to look back and digest what lessons have come to you. First of all to let them flow through, but of course to learn from what exactly has happened. Everything this day is in the light of processing information. 

Day 2 - Sunday December 20 

Heal - Time to heal the open wounds of lessons learned. Time to turn a painful experience into gratitude. Time to release pain in order to move forward. Healing is an important point to transformation. Let's not linger in the past, but keep moving forward. 

Day 3 - Monday December 21 

As you can see you are expected to take the Monday off. This day is exceptionally important for the final step towards transformation. Jupiter and Saturn conjoin at the Winter Solstice on December 21, marking an important turning point in our collective experience. The last day we join forces to manifest the years to come.  

We are currently working finalising the full program but we ask you to save these dates and join The Temple of Babylon and its extraordinary teachers for a Three Day gift to your Self. 

The program includes: 

⭐ Daily Yoga 

⭐ Theta Healing 

⭐ How to handle fear thoughts 

⭐ Sound meditation 

⭐ Manifest a Brighter Future 

⭐ Shamanic Meditations 

⭐ How food affects your mood and soooo much more...  

To participate and enjoy all classes for three days unlimited we charge €50,- per person which will be equally divided with the selected teachers and The Temple of Babylon

Ticket link: 

Take this perfect opportunity to turn all that we experienced and even endured into nothing but good...  

Love,  Sascha & The Temple of Babylon

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