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So., 28. Aug.


6pm - 7.30pm Berlin Time (CEST)

Spirit of Breath Collective with Mareike & Christian

Get to know yourself a little better !

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Spirit of Breath Collective with Mareike & Christian
Spirit of Breath Collective with Mareike & Christian

Zeit & Ort

28. Aug. 2022, 18:00 – 19:30

6pm - 7.30pm Berlin Time (CEST)

Über die Veranstaltung

Are you curious about our Breathwork Facilitator Training starting on 5th of October? Well we are ready to slowly open the doors and allow the first sneak peeks into our team. We have a bunch of wonderful mentors ready to support you on your journey and they can’t wait to meet you!

So get ready for our Spirit of Breath Collective Breathwork Sessions guided by us in collaboration with our beautiful mentors. All the sessions are for free and for everybody. You don’t have to be signed up for our training yet and there are no obligations when you join.

This Sunday Mareike & Indri are holding space for you.

Are you ready to meet your mentors? Are you ready for the first step of this journey? We are already so excited and that is why we are offering you a special deal until 31st of August on our Spirit of Breath Facilitator Training.

Check our website for more information or just write to us if you have any questions. We are more than happy to hear from you.

Please meet your mentor Mareike:

Mareike Garms

Breathwork Facilitator & Student of Life

Building bridges is Mareike's wish. Bridges for all those who strive for more, who strive within, who strive for their own authenticity.

She accompanies you on this path. With Conscious Connected Breath, in addition to mediation, she has discovered a path that enables very deep access to one's own emotional world through one's own body and its perception.

Whether it is repressed feelings, traumas or the sense of free development of oneself, through Conscious Connected Breath sessions you have the possibility to reach out to yourself.

And anyone can do it. Without any experience at all.

And it doesn't matter what you believe in. You yourself are the bridge to yourself. And Mareike has set herself the task of seeing and even experiencing this with her Breathwork Sessions. She invites you to do this.

Breathe in, meet yourself.

With lots of love,

Indri, Sascha & Christian


Spirit of Breath Collective is not a medical practice and facilitators are not medically trained.  If you suffer from any serious condition you should check with your medical practitioner prior to breathing with us. The breath style we use is not advised for conditions such as Bipolar, Schizophrenia, acute heart conditions, epilepsy or delicate pregnancy. Likewise, if you are on any medications you are advised to seek medical counsel prior to joining us.

If you do have any of the above conditions, please let us know. There are other breath patterns that may be more suitable for you, and you are always welcome in our community.


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